Sarah & Kieran - Wine Estate & Church Wedding in Tuscany

After 4 years together Kieran surprised Sarah with “the question” on a tropical beach. Delighted to accept the couple immediately started their quest to find their perfect wedding venue. After months of searching they finally decided on a wedding in Tuscany.

Sarah & Kieran said that Tuscany offered everything they both loved in life. Beautiful outdoor settings with breathtaking views, stunning Italian wedding venues, amazing Churches and of course some of the best food and wine the world has to offer. Like many couples they searched for the right wedding planner in Italy and to our delight decided to proceed with Weddings in Tuscany by Imperial! Sarah always wanted to be married in the church but being non Catholic was unsure of the possibilities. She was extremely happy when I informed her that as long as one party was Catholic a wedding in the church in Italy was possible. With our continued help and assistance we were able to make sure that their wedding in Tuscany was legally binding and internationally recognised.

They considered many options for their wedding reception venue in Tuscany and finally settled on a gorgeous wine estate in the Chianti region. They welcomed 60 of their friends and family to the Tuscany wine estate where they celebrated for 3 days with a pizza party on welcome night, the wedding day celebrations and a relaxed poolside BBQ for the recovery day! In their words it was their “dream come true” and we were so very happy to have been a part of it with them.