FAQ about Weddings in Tuscany

Getting married in Tuscany? Italian Wedding? Wedding in Tuscany?

Q. How long must we be in Italy before our wedding day?

A. There are no residency laws in Italy or minimum stay requirements. Previous to the wedding a declaration must be signed, this normally takes place the day before you wedding day. If you intend to marry on a Sunday or Monday this declaration is normally signed on the Friday before.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Each of our services are priced individually and in Euros. (eg) Wedding Ceremony & Fees €x, Catering €x, Photography €x. You are under no obligation to book all of the services we offer. Our prices are clear and honest. There are no fees over and above anything quoted on your initial enquiry.

Q. Is the Wedding Ceremony in Italy recognised in the rest of the world?

A. Yes - Civil weddings conducted in Italy are legally binding and are recognised in your own country. You will be given duplicate copies of your legally binding wedding certificate.

Q. Can we get marred in the ground of a villa, hotel or private residence?

A. Legally binding marriages can take place in the grounds of your chosen venue given that your chosen venue has the appropriate authorisation from the council in which they reside. Should the venue not have the relevant permission to perform a legally binding ceremony onsite many couples chose either to travel to the nearby town hall or a castle with their guests where they can host their legally binding ceremony or to perform the legalities either in their hometown or in Italy prior to the celebrations and host their entire wedding day at their chosen venue.

Q. What other type of Ceremony do you organise?

A. We can arrange civil partnerships, vow renewals and other religious ceremonies on request. Although beautiful personalised services, they are entirely symbolic and bear no legality whatsoever.

Q. Can we have a Catholic Wedding in Italy?

A. Yes - We are happy to assist with Catholic Weddings. There are requirements to be met but this religious service is magnificent. Catholic weddings must take place in the church in Italy.

Q. What will the weather be like?

A. Tuscany experiences a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, while variable, it offers pleasurable conditions throughout most of the year.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Day 11 12 16 19 24 28 32 34 27 21 15 11
Average Night 2 3 4 5 12 16 18 19 15 12 7 4
Average Rainfall (cm's) 3 4 3 6 4 4 2 3 5 8 9 5

The above weather conditions are supplied as a guide to help you match your chosen location against your chosen travel dates. Please remember that this chart is based on averages.