Andrew & Lorien

Testimonials about Weddings in Tuscany

When we decided we wanted to get married in Italy it felt like we had a very daunting task ahead of us: we live in England, neither of us spoke Italian, and we didn't even know where we actually wanted to get married!
By lucky chance we came across Weddings in Tuscany by Imperial through an internet search. Having made initial contact which was really quite unspecific, Gillian responded and so began the process of narrowing down what we actually wanted to do! Gillian was so helpful throughout - sending us useful information and helpful things to think about. She was able to provide suggestions of a number of fantastic potential venues and quotes which we were able to tailor throughout the whole planning process. Nothing was ever too much trouble - my numerous emails, questions and pictures of things such as bouquets were all taken into consideration and dealt with professionally. Even when there was a potential hitch in the availability of the accommodation we wanted, Gillian managed to sort it out.
We scheduled in a trip the year before the actual wedding so that we could see our chosen venue and meet Gillian. This really gave us the final confidence that we had done the right thing. The wedding itself was perfect - and it was a pleasure to have Gillian actually act as our translator on the day itself. There are so many things to worry about when planning a wedding, and knowing that Gillian was in charge of the plans in Italy really made a huge difference. Everything from the paperwork, to organising the flowers, cars, venues and photographer were sorted out with constant confirmation. I would not hesitate to recommend Gillian as I really feel she enjoys her job and will go the extra mile to ensure you have the best wedding possible. I just wish I could do it all over again right now! Thank you so much Gillian for everything.
Lots of love
Lorien & Andy

Photography by Weddings in Tuscany by Imperial

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