Sarah & Paul

Testimonials about Weddings in Tuscany

It’s been several months since our wedding in Tuscany but our friends and family are still talking about it! It was the most perfect day which we never could have managed without Gillian.
As soon as we met Gillian we had every confidence that she would make our wedding perfect, she spoke so enthusiastically about her job, we were so reassured by her knowledge and organisation. She was always so great at getting back to us about our many questions or requests. We could never have managed the legal and Religious paperwork alone, thank goodness Gillian knew exactly what we needed to do and helped us every step of the way. She took us round several beautiful venues before we made our choice, we met with the Priest, visited the Church and most importantly had a fantastic afternoon menu tasting!
Gillian arranged a Pizza night for us the evening before the wedding and an amazing BBQ for the day after, it felt like our wedding was a three day event!!
The wedding was perfect. We had a Catholic ceremony with 85 guests, it was so personal it felt as though the Priest had known us all our lives. Everything from the wedding cars, flowers, photographers, hair and make-up, the amazing food and wine to the DJ was arranged by Gillian and they were all fantastic. It takes a lot to put your most important day in someone else's hands but Gillian managed to create exactly what we wanted and more.

Sarah & Paul x

Photography by Weddings in Tuscany by Imperial

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